Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hakka Cai Kueh

Here is my first time tried Hakka Cai Kueh... Since young like to eat this kueh, but always don't want learn and lazy to learn. When I was a child, grandma, mothers, aunties always like to gather themselves to do this kueh... of course we enjoy it very much cause can eat as much as we can and can play with my cousins... It's a really good memory, if my brother, sister and cousins read this, they must be agreed me.

Since I was in St. Louis, I was missing my hometown food and try as much as i can to do it myself. Just like last night, i really want to have a try on the Cai Kueh. It's was surprisingly that I can do it myself and the kueh shape still able to cope with mother...haha...when at home, I will never able to this, maybe no one can help me while my husband only know to eat. So, it force me to do it.

The result bit disappointed cause kueh skin is too hard... :( and some is break. I had called home to ask mother what the reason... haha... mom told me that i didn't add Tapioca flour... i only use rice flour and a bit corn flour which is wrong... that's why the skin is not soft.

Anyway, I think i would like to try again when my mood come again...haha.. Keep u all update!

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